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Hello Team,

I got problem retrieving the material name for solid model in BricsCAD after rendering the material to the solid body. If i attach same material to the whole solid (by drag and drop) i m able to get the material name, if i attach the different materials different faces to m not able to retrieve the material names.

please find the code which i using to retrieve the material names.

 OdDb3dSolidPtr pBody = OdDb3dSolid::cast(objId.openObject());

      OdBrBrep brepObj;
     OdDbObjectId objMat = pBody->materialId();
     OdString str = pBody->material(); // Here ma able to get the material attached whole solid body.
     OdBrBrepFaceTraverser FaceTr; 
     int iFace  = 0;
     for (FaceTr.setBrep(brepObj);!FaceTr.done(); 
           OdBrFaceLoopTraverser faLoTrav;
           OdBrFace face = FaceTr.getFace();

bool bStatus = false; OdUInt64 nMaterialId = 0; OdString strMaterialName = "";

if(face.getMaterialID(nMaterialId)) // True,able to fetch the material id. { bStatus = true; }

if(face.getMaterialString(strMaterialName)) // This function returns false. supposed to give me the value (Name of the material). { bStatus = true; }

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